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Welcome to Cash for Cars where you can sell your car for cash, hassle-free. Located in the California Bay Area, we specialize in offering top dollar cash for your car, and giving you a broad selection of quality pre-owned vehicles to buy.

Motorcycle Financing Too!

Jan 5 Just a few days ago, Cash for Cars required their motorcycle customers to provide their own financing. Those days are gone. As of 2011, Cash for…

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The Almighty Dollar

Dec 17 It seems like more and more people are weighing their options when searching for a newer mode of transportation, and it always comes down to the…

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Test Drive Tips

Nov 16 One of the most important things on the 'To-do List' for buying a car is the 'Test Drive'. There's no getting around that CarFax and tire-kicking…

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The Demand for Cash will Never Change

Oct 12 For as long as Cash has been part of our American society, the demand for cash has never changed. People will do what they need to do, to get Cash…

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